Bandai Hobby Bb Senshi #392 Neo Zeong

The MS NZ-999 Neo Zeong  is a Mobile Suit appearing in the Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn OVA. It is piloted by Full Frontal ,Char Aznabel 2nd.
The MS Neo Zeong is a massive base attack mobile suit and the final machine created by Neo Zeon federation, it is developed only to be used in tandem with the “Red Commet” MSN-06S Sinanju. Standing at a staggering about 116 meters, it is the largest machine ever created in the Gundam Universal Century, dwarfing even the previous MS NZ-000 Queen Mansa and MS NZ-333 α Azieru.

It is modeled and rebuild after the MSN-02 Zeong used by Char Aznable as his final mobile suit in the episode One Year War. As such, the mobile suit armor lacks legs, instead it is equipped with two sturm boosters at the bottom. Should the ms boosters be destroyed, the MS Neo Zeong can rely on the skirt armor’s own thrusters for mobility.

1287Product Description :
Manufacturer    :    Bandai
Scale    :    Non scale
Series    :    BB , no 392
Original    :    Gundam UC (unicorn)
Copyright Sotsu Agency / Sunrize

71-DSBUDL8L._SL1500_Product Overview :
– Nemesis MS Neo Zeong the largest fastest kit series final chapter than [Mobile Suit Gundam UC episode7]!
– This Huge size, even side by side with the BB Senshi of standard size!
– In comparison with BB Full Armor Unicorn Gundam, overwhelmingly huge monster size of approximately 2 times!
– Accessories and gunplay parts are large volume
Bazooka Add New ms armed is also included in addition to the armed part of the pedestal part,ms “Sinanju body” that can adjust the angle!-

– ms beam rifle,
– ms beam saber,
– ms beam ax × 2,
– ms grenade launcher,
– ms shield,ms bazooka,
– ms SD-based general-purpose display

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