Bandai Hobby EW-06 Gundam Nataku Endless Waltz 1/144 High Grade

Bandai Hobby EW-06 Gundam Nataku Endless Waltz 1/144 High Grade Fighting Action Kit,Gundam Nataku is another design from The XXXG-01S2 Altron Gundam (Gundam Zero-Five), is the upgraded version of XXXG-01S Shenlong Gundam. Same as the TV series,Gundam Nataku is piloted by Chang Wufei.

Gundam Nataku is Hajime Katoki’s redesigned version of Altron. Its origin and history remains consistent with the Gundam Wing TV series, but Altron’s combat capabilities and abilities have been changed. Just like the original one, the Dragon Fangs arm were upgraded from a single claw into a pair. The Dragon Fangs arm are connected to the forearms via a set of folding blocks part and not part of the entire MS arm. The Dragon Fangs arm become a deadly armament in combat, Altron’s Mobile Suit arms remain intact for combat.

Gundam-Nataku_EW_01The Dragon fangs’ sides have four small wings to control movement when launched. When in state of defense, the Dragon Fangs can be used as a shield and the forward mandibles, it can be used to puncture through enemy targets. One of the greatest difference is that these versions can stretch the range about 3-4 times its arm length, longer than its TV series counterpart is capable of. Another thing Nataku don’t have. The new things it does have are its head Vulcans, powerfull Twin Beam Trident, and a parachute for the atmospheric entry. Overall, the Nataku unit is designed heavily as a melee close range type combat unit, more so than its alternate version.



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