Bandai Hobby HGBF #05 Beargguy III Action Figure

Hello All,Today I would like to make a mobile suit gundam toy review

It was made in 2013 and number five in the high grade.In the toy box showing some different action poses. It was cost 1800 yen at the release time.we could see more bright yellow and turn yellowish white,rule go down at the peak awesome so the ribbons on the back,he is next to the first bear guy.
You can see all the detail at the video down here.

awesome right?so cute,I’d love to collect the bear guy as much as posible,maybe build it in the different colour.

bear san 12bear san 123

At the series The KUMA-03 Beargguy III is a custom mobile suit appearing in Gundam Build Fighters and is a variant of the GPB-04B Beargguy. Its Modeller and Pilot is China Kousaka.China’s customized gunpla, it is a modified HG GPB-04B Beargguy. Since China is in the art club, her painting skill is high, giving it an elegant and cute look. Like the original Beargguy, Beargguy III also has 3 beam cannons and 2 extendable arms. However, the beam cannons are placed in somewhat different locations and 2 of them are capable of generating beam sabers. The Beargguy’s landcell unit is also replaced by a hardpoint connector, which is normally mounted with the custom ribbon striker.

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