Bandai Hobby High Grade EW-01 Wing Gundam Zero Custom Endless Waltz 1/144

 Wing Gundam Zero Ver. EW (Bandai Hobby EW-01 Wing Gundam Zero Custom Endless Waltz 1/144 High Grade Fighting Action Kit) is Hajime Katoki redesigned version of the Gundam Wing Zero. The version of Gundam Wing Zero that appears in the Endless Waltz OVA differs from the one seen in the Gundam Wing TV series. There are notable feature Gundam Wing Zero differences. It don’t have the Neo Bird Mode (the TV version) and loses the piledriver shield , but it have an amazing four angelic wings lined with many thrusters. The large main wings can be use as shields in combat and serve as heat shields whenever enter the atmospheric , while the straight sub-wings provide powerfull thrust and house of the beam sabers.

Additionally, the forearms complex sensor arrays, boost the twin buster rifle unprecedented accuracy. This OVA version features a Zero Frame ability, which is the final layer of armor available to the Gundam. The wings on the Wing Zero Custom version are highly important as if any one of them were destroyed, the speed of the Gundam Wing Zero would be greatly reduced.

Twin Buster Rifle
Wing Zero’s primary weapon is its twin buster rifle, a weapon capable of destroying enemies several miles in size, the effect are very destructible including destroy an entire space colony.
Beam Saber
In the Gundam Wing Endless Waltz version they are placed within thesmall pylons that connect the two smaller wings to the back. They possess enough power to compete battle with the Gundam Epyon’s powerful beam sword
Machine Cannon
A two pair of small 4-barrel gatling guns housed on the little clavicle section of Wing Zero.

Special Features
Self-Destruct System
As with the five Operation Meteor Gundams, Wing Zero custom is equipped with a self-detonation device.
ZERO System
The main feature of GundamWing Zero is the ZERO System, a combat system computer/pilot interface installed in the cockpit. The ZERO System servies connects directly with the mind of the pilot, flooding him with battle data and possible outcomes. This overload of data could make the pilot to achieve total victory, but places great mental damage and emotional stress on the pilot. Those exposed to the ZERO ( Zoning and Emotional Range Omitted) System can become totally unstable.

img_577034_16459947_5Special Edition : Gundam W Endless Waltz – HG W-Gundam Zero Custom Special Metallic & Clear

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