Gundam Grade Differences,HG,MG,Perfect Grade (PG)


Gunpla are plastic and non-plastic model kits Gundam that have become popular among anime fans and Gundam model-lovers, especially in Japan and in nearby Asian countries since 1980s. The numbers of Gundam models increased in 1990s with America and Europe being exposed to Gundam through movie,television, video and manga.


Perfect Grade (PG)

The highest quality gunpla are known as PG (Perfect Grade). Released in late 1998, these 1:60 scale models are made of even higher quality metal and plastic components,superbly detailed in terms pf its inner frame and color. The Perfect Grade Gundam series represents the pinnacle of Bandai corp. model making technology. These gunplay designed for high-end users include parts that have to be secured with screws, feature more than 600 parts in 1/60 scale kits and often require some minor wiring for small LED system. The market for the Perfect Grade level of models is small numbers due to the higher cost, often topping $200 and up. Bandai need a few month/year to develop each PG gunplay. Perfect Grade Gundam models are a true challenge and their construction can take a few days. However, the easy-to-follow instruction manual kits allows even beginners to build these high quality kits with ease.

Master Grade (MG)

The middle quality of gunplay are known as MG (Master Grade).First released in the summer of 1995. The slogan of first MG released “build the ultimate GUNPLA”, in Gundam event to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the Gunpla series. These kits are manufactured using high quality plastic and the resulting molds are of a greater standard kits. It keeps going with continued release in the 1/100 mid scale, each incorporating the latest model in technology. While perform excellent articulation and proportions, the gunpla look great even without painting, making the gunpla easy to build even for beginners. This model is more expensive than the HG series, more complicated and takes longer time to construct. Some of the Gunpla actually include specially designed stands for added unique display ability. Master Grade Gundam are very presentable assembled straight from the box, but enhancing them with adding paint,remodel,or even build a diorama and detailing can greatly improve the appearance of the finished model. In 2005,in honor of the tenth anniversary of the series, a series of limited-edition MG version were released in Asia. More new designs continue to be released in the series, making the Master Grade Gundam a perfect example of GunPla’s ability to change and evolve with the times.
The vast numbers of MG offerings are from Gundam, with the rest coming from oter mechas like Patlabor and Dunbine, as well as character action figure of Dragon ball Z (under the name of MG Figure). As the MG kits has become a symbol of Gunpla, Bandai released another model lineup called Real Robot Revolution (R3), for the non Gundam type, other real robots like Layzner and L-Gaim, they made using their experience in MG model production.

High Grade

Released in 1990, Bandai introduced the improved quality molding known as HG (High Grade). It has higher quality then the first realesed Gunpla (1980). It has either 1:100 or 1:144 scale, provide for better range of greater poseability and motion.

High Grade Universal Century (HGUC)

In May, 1999,Bandai released The highly anticipated HGUC series.
Built in an easy to collect 1/144 scale, it represented a good chance to release versions of many Gundam Mobile Suits.
For the first time in Gunpla from using refined designs and new modern injection molding technology.
The high quality of the HGUC Gunpla series makes it the rightful heir of the HG series released in the 1990s.
New model designs continue to be introduced in the series even today.

High Grade Build Fighters(HGBF)

HGBF is a line of Gunpla of the Mobile Suits from Gundam Build Fighters Series in the Gundam anime series. It is split into two grades: the standard 1/144 scale model kits and High Grade Build Custom, it consists of accessories to enhance other Gunpla kits.

High Grade Build Custom(HGBC)

HGBC is a line of plastic scale upgrade modification model kits for Gunpla from Gundam Build Fighters and other Gunpla mobile suits of the Gundam universe. It is suitable for the Hardcore builder. It is sold separately from the HGBF series.There still other HG series, that not writed in this article.

Gundam-category-block-RGReal Grade

In July 2010, Bandai released the 1:144 Real Grade (RG) line as part of the event “Gundam 30th Anniversary”, RG unit takes design unique elements from the Master Grade and Perfect Grade Gundam such as an inner skeletal frame system. This Gunpla line achieves the largest range of motion in each joint.


Bandai also offered is an expanding line of small plastic model kits labelled SD Gundam (Super Deforemed Gundam). SD Gundam are not presented in a particular scale. SD Gundams are comedic renditions model of the various Gundam mecha designs featuring a disproportionately larger head. These kits are often very much easier to construct but offer very limited possibility and it require paint and detailing to truly finish the kit.

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