MG 00 Quanta 1/100 Scale Model Kit

Here is MG 00 Quanta 1/100 Scale Model Kit. The final Gundam Mobile Suit used in the Gundam 00 movie “Awakening of the Trailblazer” the 00 Quanta Gundam joins the MG line in full splendor. MG 00 Quanta Internal frame gimmicks along with clear translucent parts bring out the iconic features of this design. MG 00 Quanta Optional LED sold separately can be used to light up portions of the kit. MG 00 Quanta Sword Bits are deployable and be put in a wide variety of configurations. A display stand to help support one of its massive weapon modes included.

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  • It looks great out of the box.
  • The number of panel lining on this kit is just right.
  • The abundance of clear green parts really make this kit stand out on your shelf.
  • It has a wide variety of weapons and equipment that are fun to pose the kit with.
  • Poses well on the ground, and even better on an action base.
  • This is a long build, you’re definitely getting a lot of ‘bang for your buck’.
  • If you choose not to use the small action based provided with the kit for your Qan[t] you can use with with a standard HG model. I use mine with the HG Sinanju or RG Strike.



  • The GN shield is heavy, and it will pull the entire torso to that side. I’m still looking for a way to strengthen that joint to keep the body straight.
  • The Full GN sword is too heavy for the kit to wield on its own. While the stand Bandai provided solves the problem I would have preferred a clear, or clear green stand instead of a black one.
  • Things to watch out for:
  • Neither pros nor cons, these are just the things I encountered when I built mine.
  • The clear green parts used throughout this kit are made from a very hard but brittle type of plastic. You need to exercise care then removing them from the part trees to avoid cracking.
  • This kit has a lot of articulation points, if you’re like me and not very good at posing kits, this complexity can be frustrating.
  • During final assembly a tiny touch of extra thin cement along the edge of some of the more difficult clear green GN condensers will keep them secured.
  • You can still get waterslide decals for it!

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