Today, Nendroid is piloting a Gundam

Here is a little parody from Gundam Mobile Suit model kit series. Here is a custom SD Gundam from the new hot release, BB Senshi SD Gundam NZ-999 Neo Zeong. It is fun whenever you build your own cstom Gundam,and now the SD Gundam Fans are going mad by custom that kit with a Nendroid. I hope you enjoy it.


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Here is the Original One.


Here is Twitter user @kirokira posted a narrative image series with the Neo Zeong as an upgrade for Mario.


Other builders have noted the Neo Zeong is perfect for piloting by Nendroid figures in it. [Photo: @RX3939]


oxelvjkoex5blfzk6dlx[Photo: @shiketan_cherry]

jwmybmfm2jeex8q9ugqt[Photo: @butcha_u]


Very Fun to build own Custom SD Neo Zeong.

So this time for you to build ones,Buy Here :



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