Warhammer 40k Orks Loot a Gundam

Space is big. You just won’t believe how mind-bogglingly big it is. While the Imperium of Man spans millions of worlds, there are still many alien worlds that require cleansing. As such, it’s entirely possible that a freak warpstorm might dump a Gundam or two onto a planet infested by Orks. After all, they already invaded Hearthstone. Hobbyist “Irondog” created just such a mashup, showing what a Gundam would look like if it got looted by a band of Warhammer 40K Orks.

warhammer gundamHe starts out with a classic Gundam RX-78 model and then gets to work. Extra bits of armor get bolted on in a haphazard fashion, and the hands are replaced with dual buzzsaws, naturally. There’s a ton of little details, covering the model, like the spiked toes added to the feet, and the hoses/wires powering the new additions. My favorite are the little chains connected to the twin buzzsaws. They’re so cute.787725 787723

Source: Irondog Studios

Source : escapistmagazine

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